TZ Off Season 5.27.14

Aerobic Capacity

Run 6k

Notes: Time trial. Use a repeatable course, preferably flat.


1) Snatch Pull + Snatch from Low Blocks 65%x(1+2), 70%x(1+2,) 75%x1x2

2) Clean Pull + Clean from Low Blocks 65%x(1+2), 70%x(1+2,) 75%x1x2


1) Deadlift 2 @ 6, two down sets (repeat)

2) Bench Press 2 @ 7, two down sets (load drop)

3) 6 minutes: max strict chest-to-bar pullups

Notes: Increase density from 140513.


TZ Off Season 5.23.14


1) Snatch 4 attempts @ 92.5%

2) Clean & Jerk 4 attempts @ 92.5%

Notes: Four attempts ONLY.


3 rounds for time:
20 box jumps, 30″/24″
20 pullups
20 deadlifts 185#/135#


a) Supine Row 3×10,
b) Supine Grip Band Pullapart 4×10
c) Arch/Hollow Snaps 5×10, rest 60 seconds

TZ Off Season 5.20.14


Front Squat + Jerk 70%x(2+1)x1, 75%x(2+1)x1, 80%x(2+1)x3


1) Deadlift 1 @ 9, drop to 2 @ 9, plus two down sets (load drop)

2) Press 1 @ 9, drop to 2 @ 9, plus two down sets (load drop)

3) 6 minutes max rep L-Pullups

Notes: Better mechanics over more reps. Duh.

Aerobic Development

30 minute open run


a) Unilateral Offset Row 3×10/side
b) Y Press 4×10
c) 50 V-Ups/50 Tuck-Ups/50 Hollow Rocks

We’re Back

*courtousey of TZStrength & Jacob Typskin


1) Snatch heavy double, then 90%x2x5

2) Clean & Jerk heavy double, then 90%x2x5


8 minutes max reps strict HSPU, 3″/2″ deficit


8 rounds for total working time:
Row 250m
10 hang clusters, 95#/65#
Rest 60 seconds


a) Unilateral Dumbbell Press 4×8
b) Unilateral Dumbbell Row 4×12
c) Accumulate 100 hollow rocks

Notes: If 100 hollow rocks will give you rhabdo, take the reps down.

Change of pace!


Nothing is over! Thank everyone for all of the time they have spent following my blog!

Recently USA Weightlifting has granted myself a official license as a Barbel Club! The name of our club is “Hartford Barell Club”For future endeavors in training, all of our programing for Olympic weightlifting, will be published here Olympic Weightlifting Programing. Training for competitive fitness athletes will be found here CrossFit Programing !

You will still receive fantastic personal information and knowledge bombs from me, so don’t worry I’m not disappearing from your lives!

Let’s keep up our PR’s and training guys!