TZ Off Season 6.3.14

No Hands/No Feet Clean from mid-thigh blocks 60%x2x2, 65%x2x2, 70%x2x2

Notes: Same as hang, all lifts from blocks should be set up as if you were lifting from the floor.

Bench Press, 2 count pause 5 @ 7, 5 @ 8, 5 @ 9, plus two down sets (load drop)

Notes: I hope to hell this is obvious, but just in case it’s not – the 2 count pause is at the bottom, not the top or somewhere in between.

AMRAP 8 minutes:
12 thrusters, 55#/35# dumbbells
12 toes-to-bar

Aerobic Development
Row 5x500m @ 8, 60 second cooldown between efforts

Notes: Hey look, more RPE! Now it’s in our aerobic work too! Bet you’re excited as fuck. Chart below.