Competitor WOD 8.31.13 Ass Quake Week 1 Day 6


3 Position Power Clean- 5-7 sets to work up to a Max. Then 3 sets at 90%

Push Press 10RM
Then 2×10@90%

BB Step Ups 5×5 (5 each leg) heaviest possible

Mixed Modal
For Time
DL @225
Ring Dips


Competitor WOD 8.30.13 Ass Quake Week 1 Day 5

Like A BOSS!

Snatch 5-7 sets to find your 2RM
Then 3×2 @90% of your 2RM rest 60 sec btwn

Front Squat 10×3@80% do these EMOM style every 90 sec

Clean Pulls 5×5@85% rest 60 sec btwn

Mixed Modal
Run 1mile
30 Burpees
40 KB Swings @2pood
18 min Cap

Dragon Flags 4×10
Tempo Banded Hypers 4×10 (0:3:5)
Banded TYI’s 3×10
Bullet Proof Shoulders

Competitor WOD 8.29.13 Ass Quake Week 1 Day 4

Recovery Day

Spend 30-60 min in a quiet dark room meditating or visualizing your performance on saturday. Take yourself through each workout and the rest periods between and how you plan on dealing with all of the chaos on the day. it is important for you to be mentally prepared for all of these things.

Pick 2-4 mobility drills to perform.
1-2 Shoulder
1-2 T-Spine
1-2 Hip

25-40 min Consistent effort
Run, Bike, Row or Swim
*Never work to the point of exhaustion. You should be able to have a conversation the entire time without trouble.

Ice Bath / Contrast Shower
20-30 Min Static or PNF Stretching

Competitor Wod 8.28.13 Ass Quake Week 1 Day 3

3 rounds Not for Time
Skin the Cats x5
10 Alternating Pistols (5each)
10 Butterfly C2B Pull-ups

3 Pos Snatch 5-7 attempts to find a max

Pwr Jerk from Blocks 5-7 attempts to find a 3rm max

Thruster 1-3 sets to find your 7rm

Mixed Modal
4 rounds for Time
Thruster x7@90%of your 7RM
T2B x14
Burpee x14 (onto a 4″ plate)

Tempo GHD 3×12 (3:3:3) @45lbs
Zercher Sandbag GoodMornings 3×15

Competitor WOD 8.27.13 Ass Quake Week 1 Day 2

12 min 3 rep EMOM
Even Min Ring Muscle Ups
Odd Min Bar Muscle Up

Clean High Pull+ Hang Power Clean + 5 Sec Eccentric (Mississippi’s) + Clean 5-7 sets to find a max on this complex then take 3 additional attempts at the Max you find.

Bench Press 1-3 sets to find your 7RM then 2×7@90% of you 7RM

Snatch Grip RDL 1-3 sets to find your 5RM then 4×5 @90%

Mixed Modal:
3×3 min AMRAP rest 3 min BTWN
Ring Dips x15 (Strict)
Box Jumps x 5 @30/24
1arm KB Snatch x15(both arms) @ 75/55

1) Row 250m for time
2a)Dragon Flags 5×10
2b)Sumo Stance Straight Leg GoodMornings 5×10

Do your post work Metcon Style but btw 79-80% effort!

Competitor WOD 8.26.13 Ass Quake Week 1 Day 1

15 Min Hand Stand Walk Practice

Snatch Balance + 2 OH Squats 5-7 sets to find a max for this complex

Back Squat 10×3@80% perform a set every 90 sec
Bent Over Row 5×5

Mixed Modal
Tabata Scoring 24 total rounds
Alternating rounds of 20 Sec Work : 20 Sec Rest
Lunge Jumps w’ Butt Kick if possible

Weighted Situp 5×12
Banded Reverse Hypers 5×12
Banded TYI’s 3×12

Completion of AndroGel and Competitor update.

Yesterday marked the completion of the 3rd Competitor training cycle for our Varsity Squad. Last week at the summer meltdown while our Varsity team Judged and ran the event, out JV squad impressed and dominated much of the field. This week at the Yankee CrossFit Beat The Heat Throw-down, our Varsity put on quite an impressive performance as well.

Junior Varsity Athletes
Last Saturday, Cecily Yeager, Matt Koing, Jeremy Lindeman, Ashley Williams & Ashley Lindeman all performed great at the Melt Down. For all intensive purposes, minus 1 Gymnastics based WOD would have been an RX Competition at many other events. Jeremy Lindeman pulled off the biggest surprise performance of the day taking 3rd place in a division which may or may not have had athletes who belonged in the RX division.
We saw Ashley Lindeman and Matt Koing both hit lifetime PR’s on the Back Squat 4 RM event, but not on a 4rm, they hit for 4 a weight witch they had never even touched for a 1rm. Cecily has proven that she is not only virtuous and a challenge in the gym for anyone to compete with but she is really beginning to develop as competitive athlete. Ashley Williams has been aspiring to become a competitive fitness athlete since last summer. She has definitely come a long way since then and will only continue to improve, watch out for her in the next year!

Varsity Athletes
Yesterday Coach John Durrett, Michael Cocca, Josh Kaplan & Drew Cost all competed. No, none of us took the podium. But that was not the point of yesterday. Our goals are far loftier than this event. Out last 2 Cycles consisted of very little Traditional Mixed Modal training and was centered around GPP. That being said, its working. Out of a field of 48 RX mens athletes we saw four great finishes. Coach Durrett in 23rd, Coach Cocca in 18th, Coach Kaplan in 9th & lastly Coach Cost believe it or not I have no idea where he Finished, but in many ways had to overcome more diversity than the others.
Like any event yesterday had its ups and downs in regards to how well it was programmed and what the quality of standards and judging were, I wont get into that very much, my Ipad only has so much battery and I’m on a Bus to NYC so ill keep it focused. Either way it was a learning experience For myself as a coach and for the athletes.
Coach Durrett is a special athlete. I cant wait to see where his competitive fitness will go. Every time this young man competes, he achieves significantly more than his last event. He never ceases to amaze me with what he can do. I constantly find myself watching coach Durrett saying to myself, I didn’t know he could do that! Coach Cocca, has spent a significant amount of time training his mental approach to workouts and gaming his WODs based on his strengths and weaknesses. I was very proud to see him make intelligent decisions and perform well at the same time. Previously those had been mutually exclusive things. Coach Kaplan, 1 thing to say, MUTANT. Coach Kaplan has over come multiple back injuries in the past year and 4 months with no S&C training at all and come back with a vengeance. The one thing Coach Kaplan has right now is the ability to tolerate the suck in a way that few can. He’s defiantly a beast.
Last but not least Drew Cost. Im giving him his own little section here because there is part of yesterday that I think all of us can learn from. What is your goal? Why are training? Why are you competing? These are all things you need to think about when your training, but NOT when your competing. Coach Cost made the mistake many of us have made many times, myself included. He was trying to win the 2014 CF Games in WOD 1 of a local Throw-down. As we begin to compete in any sport, there is tremendous pressure to be the best as fast as we can. In doing this we actually restrict our growth and can sometimes set ourselves up for failure. It is important to know exactly where you are in your training, where you’ve come from and where your going! If you don’t know just ask your coach. Drew learned a lot yesterday about how much these things matter and how much to invest emotionally in something that should be fun! Despite trying to sabotage himself, his coach intervened, and we reclaimed the day with lessons that were priceless.

Needless to say, things on the team are going GREAT! PR after PR day in and day out, we should all look to this group for inspiration. They are on the rise. Great work everyone!