Week 4 Day 3 Strength

1)Jerk: 3×70, 4×2@75,80,85,90%

2) Sumo Box Squat: 10×3@70%(20-40%Chains) w/ 2 sec pause

3)Incline Bench: 1-3 attempts to find a 7 RM

4A)Incline Bench: 5×7@90%7rm

4B)2 Clean DL + 3 Clean Pull: 5×5@90,95,100,100, 100%

5A)Dips: 4×8 + weight

5B)BB Step Ups: 4×8 (alternating/ 8 each leg)

6A)T2B: 5×10-12 Unbroken Strict then Kip

6B)Weighted Hypers: 5×10 use a minimumof Barbel +25lb

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Week 4 Day 2 Conditioning

1)Dynamic Warmup

2)Pro Agility: 4 Each way, 30 sec

3)Triangle: 4 Each way, 30 sec

4)Square Drill: 4 Each way, 30 sec

5)Ladder Drill: x8, 45 Sec

6)60 Yrd Shuttle: x10 @15yrd incriments, 60 sec

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Week 4 Day 2 Strength

1)Clean: 4×3@70, 75, 80, 85%

2)Front Squat: 3×5@70,75,80%1×4@85%1×3@90%

3)Floor Press: 1-3 attempts to find a 7 RM

4A)Floor Press: 5×7@90%7rm

4B)Squat Btm Box Jump: 5×10

5A)DBRow: 4×8 each arm

5B)Lateral Lunge: 4×8 each leg

6A) Banded Good Morning: 3×10-15

6B)GHDSit-Up: 3×10-15

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Week 4 Day 1 Conditioning

1)Dynamic Warmup

2)Power Skips: 3×20 yrds ,30 sec

3)Ground Starts: 9×15 yrds @100%, 30 sec

4)Sled Run: 9×30 yrds Push or pull @90lbs, 60 sec

5)Flying 30’s: x5 50%/100%/50%, 60 sec

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Week 4 Day 1 Strength

1)Snatch: 4×3@70, 75, 80, 85%

2)Back Squat: 10×70%, 8×75%, 6×80%, 4×85%

3)Snatch Pull: 5×5@90,95,100,100, 100%

4)Bench Press: 10×70%, 8×75%, 6×80%, 4×85%, 3×90%

5A)C2BStrict Pull-ups: 4×8 +weight

5B)DB Bulgarian S.S.: 4×12-15 each Leg (Heaviest Possible)

6A)Banded Hyper w/ Pause: 3×10-15

6B)Weighted Sit-up: 3×10-15

7) TYI’s: 3×12

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Summer Meltdown Event!

Nuclear Meltdown Facebook timeline cover.


The first of an event series held by the CrossFit Hartford team to test the fittest in the North East. The competitive divisions will be Men & Womens’s Individual RX’d and scaled, Men’s & Women’s Teams RX’d and scaled as well as a Men’s and Women’s masters division. Our goal is to bring you the most professional and enjoyable event in the North East.

The workouts will be challenging and fun, while at the same time providing a true test of your capacity as a fitness athlete. Bring your friends and family as we have a venue which can accommodate hundreds of spectators to make the day more enjoyable to all. All athletes will participate in a minimum of 4 WOD’s with a possible 5th for the top individuals and teams in each category. The top three teams in each category will receive prizes. More information on workouts and Prizes to come! Train Hard Be Virtuous!!!


1670 Broad ST

Ferris Athletic Center, Trinity College

Hartford, CT 06106


August 17, 2013

Athlete Check In Starts @8AM

Registration Link