Competitor WOD 3.29.13

1) Snatch (rest 90 sec): 3×2 @75%, 3×2 @85%, 3×2 @95%
2) C+J (rest 90 sec): 3×2 @75%, 3×2 @85%, 3×2 @95%
3) Back Squat (rest 90 sec): 6×1 @96%

Goat Work:
10min EMOM 4 muscle ups/ 5 negatives scaled

Mixed Modal:

4a) any abs x50
4b) any Posterior Chain x50

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Competitor WOD 3.28.13

7 min AMRAP
3 C&J
3 T2B
6 C&J
6 T2B
9 C&J
12 C&J
12 T2B
15 C&J
15 T2B
18 C&J
18 T2B
If complete round of 18 before time runs out then move on to 21 and so forth
135 men/95 women

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Competitor WOD 3.27.13

Day 3

Goat Work: 10min emom hand stand walk + 5min OH squat technique work

1) Power snatch+Snatch Balance+OH Squat+Snatch : 5x(1+1+1+1)1seq= 1 set @ HTLW
2a) Jerk Balance: 5×6 (3 each leg) @ HTLW
2b) Hang Power Clean + Power Jerk: 5×3 (1+1) @ HTLW
3) Pause Front Squat (4sec pause) (bounce out): 9min 2 rep EMOM @60%

11min EMOM
4a) Even min: HSPU x10
4b) Odd min: Weighted ring pull-ups x7-12 add 5lbs from last week

Midline Circuit No rest BTWN a&b
5a) L-sit: 4xME record times
5b) Sumo stance Barbell Good Morning: 4×8 use same weight all sets
6a) T2B: 5×15 UB (Strict)

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Update on Competitive Training

To my peeps,

I have been experimenting with with the training template over the past few weeks and I apologize for those of you who were following and left in the dark. There will no longer be any breaks in the programing as I have solidified my template permanently. We have a tons of training to do ladies and gents.
Also be prepared for posting of the JV program which I will detail in another post soon to follow. The JV will be a training regimen for those of you who are new to the Olympic lifts and Gymnastic movements of Crossfit and lack the strength or capacity to RX benchmark WOD’s and looking for a how do I get from point A to point B solution to train as a competitive exerciser.
As of tomorrow the WOD’s will be posted daily on the mutant academy site and the JV program will begin in the days to follow. Good luck with 13.4!!!

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